Covenant of a Collegiate Educator

The faculty and staff believe:

  • that each WCS student possesses a natural curiosity and desire to learn;

  • that, by understanding and supporting each student’s individualized learning style, we are committed to helping every student fulfill their full potential;

  • that our responsibility is to "educate" by drawing out and encouraging all students to acquire the personal knowledge and wisdom needed to lead a fulfilling life;

  • that we are most effective when demonstrating our own curiosity and joy in learning in our interactions with students;

  • that we need to continually improve ourselves through active learning.

As educators we will demonstrate daily:

  • our intense desire to learn and grow in wisdom;

  • our belief in the power of learning to change a life;

  • our ability, willingness and commitment to helping students with various learning styles;

  • our commitment to apply the knowledge we've acquired;

  • the values that guide us in the acquisition of knowledge and skills: integrity, humility, intellectual honesty, self-discipline, and tolerance and respect for others;

  • our responsibilities to provide feedback and reinforcement for our students' quest for personal knowledge;

  • active support of colleagues;

  • our role as mentor and role model to students at all times.

The faculty and staff will:

  • conduct all affairs of the school lawfully and with integrity;

  • be committed to the mission of the school;

  • understand and build relationships with students, families and colleagues for the mutual benefit of everyone;

  • treat others with dignity, respect and sensitivity at all times.