Portrait of a Collegiate student

The Collegiate student will be able to demonstrate:

  • a grounded sense of honor and integrity;

  • wisdom and understanding;

  • the ability to read, write, and calculate at a high level of proficiency;

  • good oral presentation skills in front of an audience;

  • critical and experimental thinking skills by integrating their diverse knowledge of the academic disciplines with original ideas and questions;

  • technological proficiency and innovation;

  • global awareness, recognizing the interconnectedness of people, nations, cultures and economies of the world;

  • an understanding and appreciation of the fine arts;

  • a commitment to have a positive impact to better their community and the world.

The Collegiate student will have opportunities to develop:

  • internal motivation, intellectual curiosity, positive social skills and a dedication to community service;

  • emotional qualities of self-awareness, self-discipline and self-confidence;

  • social qualities of risk-taking, adaptability, teamwork and leadership;

  • moral qualities of humility, honesty, compassion, duty to self, family, community, country, and world;

  • respect for others' rights, achievements, and cultures;

  • excellence and fulfillment in at least one academic, artistic or athletic activity;

  • life skills for personal fitness and wellness.

The Collegiate graduate will be admitted to, and enroll in, a college of his or her choice.