Preparatory High School in Wichita, KS

Wichita Collegiate Upper School is an intellectually vibrant, college preparatory high school for grades nine through twelve. Our commitment is to provide a multi-dimensional education.  With every lesson, every assignment, and every class, our goal is to prepare students for more than just the next grade; we strive to prepare them for life in the global world and in the conceptual age.

The Upper School faculty is composed of highly educated and compassionate teachers who work diligently to prepare our students academically. Equally important, our faculty instills work ethic, time management skills and compassion for others.  Our students understand the importance of what they are being taught and strive to be their best on a daily basis.  The mutual respect between students and faculty fosters a positive environment where learning is enjoyable and school is conducive to personal growth.  More information about our Upper School: